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This is an occasional newsletter designed to keep you informed about decisions made by the TWYC committee on your behalf and to ensure that you’re informed about ongoing improvements made to the infrastructure of the clubhouse and our facilities. Please pass it on to other family members covered within your membership so that they, too, are kept informed about the workings of the club.

The Officers of the club and the committee are elected to manage the club’s affairs on your behalf – it is YOUR club and the more involved you become with the running of the club, the more enjoyment you’ll get from your membership and the more successful the club will become. We want to actively encourage all members to become more involved and to that end, we’ve changed some club rules to allow members to widen their experiences by helping to run the bar, organise and run raffles, extort money from members by running the bonus ball and collecting dining fees at events. Involvement is a great way to get to know more members than perhaps you already do, it’s enjoyable and it shares out the workload involved with the running and organisation of the club. So, give it a go.  No matter how little you think you can contribute, believe us, all help is more than welcome………Contact any committee member for further information and details of how to get involved.

Over the last year, in addition to organising up river, down river, London and cross-channel cruises, bankside socials, training courses, a full programme of events (catered for in-house which always amazes us all), we’ve replaced the pool table, replaced the rope lights along the fence leading down to the front entrance, installed new lights on the decking posts overlooking the river, repaired the sliding doors leading out on to the decking, changed all the halyards on the flagpole, purchased new gazebos and built a concrete base on which to place a storage box for them; washed the outside of the clubhouse and undertaken on-going general maintenance including fitting handrails in the toilets for the convenience of less able-bodied members. We’re currently sourcing a new bench for the patio outside the clubhouse to replace the very old one which is in extremely poor condition.

Bet you didn’t know all that had happened!

In 2020, we are planning a whole raft of things to improve the physical appearance of the club, to improve facilities and to ensure that everything is kept to a very high standard. To achieve this, we will absolutely need as many people as possible involved. No matter what your skill level or physical abilities, there will be something that you can do to help maintain the reputation of your club as the best on the river.

So, keep an eye out for the emails requesting help and please, please, please, get involved.

Contact any Committee member to see how you can get involved.


Honorary Secretary

The Windsor Yacht Club

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