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Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity....Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity....

To give some time to help at events at your club - We need you!! Our club is run by the members for the members and that's why The Windsor Yacht Club is the best club on the river!! We are always looking for new volunteers, it doesn't matter the amount of time you can commit, or if you can't cook dinner for a club full of people. It's the little things that help a great deal, whether that is making the chefs a cup of tea whilst they are preparing the wonderful dinners or doing a bit of washing up. There will be lots of opportunities to do something On the 12th January there will be a meeting at the club starting at 10.30am to run through the 2020 programme and to find volunteers to help at the functions including food prep, lead chefs, assistant chefs, setting up, table decorations, decorating the club for themed functions and breaking down. Do please come along – the more the merrier! The more people we have to help with each function the easier it becomes!! If you aren’t able to attend the meeting on the 12th but would like to volunteer to assist at a function in some way please contact me either by email – – or by phone – 07766 100370 – asap Thank you in advance I hope you all have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing many of you on New Years Eve Mel Melanie Pope Vice Commodore The Windsor Yacht Club

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