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A message from the Commodore

Dear Members

At this most difficult of times, like me, you are probably missing the social interaction and fun of the Club as well as the cruising programme which we were so looking forward to.

Although we cannot be together for a while and in light of the fact that our next Channel 6 publication will probably not have any events or cruises to report on, I thought it would be lovely instead to keep members up to date with what is going on in other Club Members' lives.

We would love to see your amusing photo's/stories of how you are filling your days whilst self-isolating (please nothing toO risqué) or maybe you could write an article, to uplift, amuse or educate us!

Maybe you would like to reach out to another member, offer a listening ear or simply tell a funny story!

So please forward any pictures or articles to our marvellous Editor, Gill Rodgers at

It may also be of interest to know that there is a Facebook page, known as TWYC Friends, which is a Private Group not run by the Club, where you may wish to connect with others.

Please all stay well and safe and remember, at the end of this challenging time we will have the party of all parties!

Warmest wishes

Karen  x


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