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Good morning all

As you will be aware we are fast approaching the time of year when we would be thinking of finalising our accounts and planning for the AGM and the election of our new officers.

However you will also appreciate that in the current climate there are some difficulties to overcome!  These have been discussed at length by your committee.  As a result It Is felt that the best course of action would be for the AGM to be put back and the accounting period extended. 

On a strict interpretation of the Club Rules to defer the AGM we would need an Extraordinary General Meeting, which again given the current restrictions is not easily possible.  The Committee therefore propose that given the unprecedented situation with which we are faced at the moment it is simply agreed that:

1.  The current accounting period - which would have finished at the end of October - is extended to 31 March 2021.  Going forward it is proposed that the year end is changed to 31 March in each year. 

2.  The 2020 AGM is delayed until early May 2021 

3.  Pending the AGM, Melanie Pope will assume the role of Acting Commodore with effect from 1 January 2021.  The two current Rear Commodores, the Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary will also continue on an Acting basis - until roles for next year are finalised at the AGM.  All other members of the committee, including myself as the Past Commodore, will be staying on for the time being.

This would seem to be the easiest way for us to proceed at the present time and the Committee very much hopes that you will feel able to support this course of action.   Unless any sustainable objection to the proposal is received by 10th November 2020, the Committee will act on the above proposal.

Obviously none of us knows what next year will bring, although we are all hoping for some more normality.  As a result it may be that the date for the AGM noted above will need to be pushed back further.  If this becomes necessary we will update you again.

The Committee also appreciates that everyone has paid their membership fees for this year and hasn’t really received a lot for them!  That being the case payment of membership fees for 2021 is also being deferred until, at the moment, 1 April 2021 at which time the position will be reviewed.



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