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Help !!!

Dear Friends

Following on from our New Year's Eve party, which was a resounding success due to our wonderful volunteers, it has taken a few days to fully recover but I am now looking forward to the Commodore's programme for 2019.

As you know, all of our events are run by volunteers and to keep the club evolving, it is always good to have new people on board.

Whether you would like to get involved in cooking, assisting the cooks or are happy to help with food preparation for a buffet event, there is always someone on hand to offer guidance or advice.

We are fortunate to have volunteers for our first few events but I would be very grateful for any offers for the following:

Cooks and assistants for our 3 course meals of Laying up Supper and Christmas Party.

Cooks and assistants for our various buffets of Summer Party, the Social & Games BBQ evening, Charity Auction, Sail Past and New Year's Eve.

Cooks for our one course Hot Supper evenings of Inter Club Quiz and Race Night.

For those of you with an artistic flair, why not try your hand at the table decorations. We already have an array of decorations which can be used or added to your creations

We also need people to run the Bonus Ball at the start of an event evening.

Then there is the essential job of setting up on a Friday night, which involves putting out tables and chairs, laying out table cloths and cutlery etc. Our next event is Burns on Saturday 26th January, so why not come along on the Friday night – 25th January - and get involved.

Lastly, but just as importantly, the club needs to be put back to rights after an event. Sunday mornings are not popular with all, especially those who partake in a little too much "fun", but you will usually find a bacon butty as an incentive to come and assist.

So please do join in with the fun and let me know if you can help in any way, no matter how little. Please contact me at or on 07882 777236.

Thanking you all in advance of the many offers which I know will come my way!!

Karen Weight

Vice Commodore

The Windsor Yacht Club

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