New Years Eve Party

Morning all

I know you are all thinking about the Christmas festivities at the moment but as our New Year's Eve Party approaches, please see below a list of volunteers.

Galley: Mel, Pat, Andy, Karen, Pam, Jo and Paul.

Shopping: Karen and Colin

Bar: General Committee

Raffle: Karen and Colin

Bonus Ball: Suzanne

Supper Fee collection: Sandra and Alan

Setting Up: Sunday afternoon from 2pm

Table Decorations: Sunday afternoon

Breakdown: Karen, Colin and other volunteers from 9.30am on Tuesday (Bacon sandwiches for those assisting)

Any help is welcome, so please come along from 2pm on Sunday 30th December (the bar will be open while we are setting up!)

NOTE that the club will be closed on the 28th and 29th December.

Thank you all for your kind support and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Karen Weight

Vice Commodore

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