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TWYC 2018 Cross Channel Cruise

Dear Members

TWYC 2018 Cross Channel Cruise

Dave Antil and I are currently planning next year’s tidal cruise.

Over the last five years The Windsor Yacht Club has attracted a growing number of skippers & crews (some experienced and some new to tidal waters) who have enjoyed the cross-channel experience as well as the challenge.

We have enjoyed trips to Holland, Belgium and France as well as taking part in the 2015 Dunkirk remembrance weekend. It should be noted that to date, the planning and the weather have been kind to us!

During this year we have listened to many of our members who would like to cross the channel in company and as a result we believe it would be useful for all those interested skippers and crews to meet Dave and myself to discuss your wishes, options and timescales.

To this end we invite all skippers and crews interested in a cross-channel trip in May / June 2018 to attend a cruise discussion and provisional planning forum in the clubhouse.

The gathering is planned to take place in the clubhouse on: -

SUNDAY 3rd December 2017 at 11am

A great deal of preparation and planning goes in to these trips, your early input is extremely valuable. Help us to help you stay safe and enjoy your cruising.

Please let me know via email me as soon as possible if you will be attending the above planning forum.


Vince Haffenden


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