Training 2018

Dear Club Member

Following earlier emails this year, arrangements are being made to finalise our club training programme for the 2017/18 winter/spring period.

Contact has been made with Brian Barnes, who has previously taken courses at the club, and he has been booked for both a Day Skipper and Yacht Masters course to commence early in 2018. Places are still available should anyone wish to join.

There are a number of other theory courses which can also be held :-

First Aid, Weather Forecasting, Collision Regulations, and VHF Radio.

On a slightly different subject, arrangements have been made for a speaker from the Swan Support Charity in Windsor to come to TWYC one Saturday in January to give a talk on their work which should prove to be both interesting and informative. When the 2018 programme dates have been fixed I will send out a separate email to let you know which Saturday has been chosen.

Finally, therefore, please let me know if there are any of the above RYA courses that interest you and I will try to make arrangements for them to be held at the club; don’t worry about numbers as I will endeavour to get the courses held.

Best wishes

Melvyn Sexton – TWYC Training Principle.

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