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Season’s second lecture of general boating interest

Morning all

On Friday 19th May we will be having the season’s second lecture of general boating interest. The first on the Maidenhead Waterways Project attracted an audience of over 40 and we hope the second will prove to be of similar interest.

Guy Addington who is a Community Safety Partner with the RNLI and Deputy Cox of the Margate All-weather Lifeboat will give a talk on KNOTS! He will also be happy to talk about the RNLI and any aspect of boat safety. The talk promises to be of interest to all – Guy comments “Whilst it would first appear pretty ‘geeky’, having a good repertoire of knots at one’s disposal makes for a much easier (and safer) life.” If you have trouble with anything from tying your shoelaces to producing a “monkey fist” we are sure Guy will be able to help you!

The talk will start at 7.30 p.m. and as usual there will be snacks available and of course the bar will be open! For catering purposes if you would like to attend can you let us know in the normal manner by sending an email to


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