2017 Training

Morning all

Following my earlier email this year, arrangements are underway to organise our club training programme for the 2016/17 winter/spring period.

We already have a First Aid course booked for the 4 February 2017 at Windsor, with spaces still available should anyone wish to attend. Also, other RYA courses are in the pipeline, although these will depend on membership take-up, for example a request has been made for another VHF radio course, and also an evening on weather forecasting etc. but these two courses still need a few more members to make them viable; please let me know if you are interested.

On a slightly different subject, arrangements have been made for Richard Davenport to come to TWYC on Friday 27 January 2017 to give a talk on the subject of the Maidenhead Waterways project, which is a project of local interest for boaters as it brings the Thames into the heart of Maidenhead’s town centre renewal scheme. Richard recently spoke at a recent RUG3 meeting and his talk was both interesting and informative and as that Friday evening will be a normal club evening, with the bar open, why not pop down and hear about this exciting new local waterway. Depending on the success of this first evening talk, the club may invite other speakers who have hobbies and interests in boating, to attend our club during the cold winter month when we are laid up.

Finally, therefore, please let me know of any RYA courses that interest you and I will try to make arrangements for them to be held at the club, don’t worry about numbers as I will endeavour to get the courses held.

All the best

Melvyn Sexton – TWYC Training Principle.

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