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Easter Cruise to West India Dock

Dear All

Ahead of the skippers briefing this coming Sunday (11.00am in the clubhouse), I thought it would be helpful to write to give an overview of our plans.

Firstly, though, I must give many thanks to Andy Stephens, Patrick Finnigan and John Galloway for all their help in organising this cruise.

The key points are:

  • By 6pm (if possible) Thursday 24 March arrive at Teddington - go through Lock to moor in 'marina'.

  • Friday morning - cruise to West India Dock (cruising in 2 groups led by H.T. & Searenity) leaving at approx. 06.00 and 06.30. - both groups will go through Richmond Lock. Lock-in at West India Dock is at 10.30am. (Two of our boats will be coming from Chatham and they are likely to be locking in at approx. 14.45)

  • Saturday evening - Group meal (optional) in Lotus Floating Chinese Restaurant (£27.50/head plus drinks).

  • Sunday morning (10.30am) (don't forget the hour changes to BST!!) - Keith Clarke has kindly agreed to give us one of his fascinating guided walking tours of the Docks and Greenwich (including the Royal Observatory) (approx. 2.5 hours) (optional).

  • Monday - 2 locks out - approx. 07.30 for those boats that need to get back to their home moorings the same day (but this means punching the tide going upstream) and at approx. 14.00 (going with the tide).

At Sunday's briefing we need each skipper to:

  1. Tell us your ETA at Teddington for Thursday

  2. Say whether you will be coming to the dinner on Saturday evening (& how many people) so we can confirm numbers to the restaurant

  3. Say whether you will join Keith Clarke's guided tour on Sunday morning (again so we have an idea of numbers)

  4. Pay, I'm afraid (!!), various sums of money in advance (cash or cheque):

  5. £7 charge for using Richmond Lock (we want to collect this in advance so we pay the lockie en bloc so it speeds our transit through the Lock)

  6. £27.50 per head for the restaurant meal (£25.00 plus 10% service charge) - the restaurant is giving us a deal but, as part of that, has requested payment in cash You will then just need to buy your drinks at the bar on the night.

  7. £40 per night mooring fee which includes electricity - £120 in total for the three nights.

  8. Confirm which lock-out you want for Monday - 07.30 or 14.00 (approx.).

The weather forecast is looking pretty good so we just need river conditions to improve and we should be on for a great first cruise of the year!!

See you all on Sunday in the clubhouse at 11.00am. when we'll go through more details and answer any questions you may have.

Kind regards

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