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Dear TWYC member,

I am pleased to send the update of the arrangements that have been made for the club training programme over the forthcoming winter period.

Following a successful get together at the club on the 26 June I met Brian Barnes last Thursday evening and have arranged for our courses to commence on the evening of Friday 16 October 2015, which is the weekend of the TWYC club laying up supper.

This two hour preamble will count towards the individual qualifications and marks the start of our separate courses, which can be one or more of the following :-

Day Skipper – 50 hours which we are proposing over 20 weeks during weekday evenings (but could be weekends) at a cost of £275 plus instrument costs (approx. £40). Charts and almanac included in the cost. Boats already showing interest Secret Love, My Sayang, Steel Waters, Ice & Slice, Galway Spirit, More Magic, & Never Say Never.

Yacht master – 50 hours also but more detailed with extra books. Will run simultaneously with and at the same time as the Day Skipper course above. Also £275 plus instruments. Boats already showing interest Reverie and possibly My Sayang

First Aid – 1 Day - £60.00 plus £14 book. A certificated course that has to be renewed every 3 years. An add on to the other courses. Boats already showing interest Reverie, Ellanti, Galway Spirit.

Essential Navigation – 16 hours, a certified course at a cost of £120, again instruments will be required at a small cost, part of Day Skipper course. Boats already showing interest Secret Love, Ellanti, Joker, Crystal Waters.

CEVNI – Certified course for inland waterways in Europe - £25. Boats already showing an interest Reverie and Steel Waters.

ColRegs & Weather – 2-3 hours - £25 each, taken from the Day Skipper course. Boat showing interest Mshale, Ellanti.

General Safety – 2 hours - £25, Instruction on rope-work, mooring ,fire safety, flares etc. again taken from within the Day Skipper course.

Separate to the above is the possibility of an ICC practical course but again this will be discussed on the 16 October with those interested on the day. Boats already showing interest More Magic, Never say Never, Yabbadabbadoo, L’Chaim.

As a point of clarification the Yachtmaster and Day Skipper courses generally cover all of the above (except First Aid, .CEVNI and ICC) and those who only wish to take Essential Navigation or weather, for example, will attend just that part of the whole course that interests them. This will be explained fully on the 16 October. The other courses, in brackets, will be supplementary to the main course due to practical reasons and again this will be dealt with on the 16th.

Whilst writing there are currently three people booked for the VHF radio course on the 24th October so please let me know if you would like to be included. The course will be held on the Saturday with the ‘test’ and certificate issued on the Sunday. Cost £60 plus £14 book.

Finally, I have a provisional date booked for the diesel engine course of the 10th or 11th October and I will email those seven members separately who have asked to be included, however please let me know if you are interested and haven’t already told me.

I think that this covers everything but please call 078360628338 or email melvyn.sexton@ if you would like to discuss any of the above further.

Best Regards


TWYC training coordinator.

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