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TWYC Boat Handling Competition - Sunday 7th June 2015

Hi everyone

As you may be aware the Club boat handling competition will take place on Sunday 7 June, the day after the Family Fun Day. In the event that you may be new members to the club and as a reminder to the stalwarts of the club, I thought I would give you more information on this annual boat handling competition as we would like as many boats to take part as possible. The more the merrier. If you have a skipper and no crew we can almost certainly provide crew to work with you on the day.

The competition is all about fun so please don’t be daunted by the thought of taking part. The tests will entail boat manoeuvres that will be familiar to you in your normal boating activity on the river.

There are seven trophies and cups to be competed for and the winners will be announced on the day and officially presented to the winners at the Annual Dinner Dance in November. These are:

Triton cup: Skipper overall winner either single or twin screw

Chiswell trophy: Highest scoring single screw boat in boat handling

Novice Lady Skipper rose bowl: Best first time entry of a Lady Skipper

Eileen Woodman Memorial Trophy: Best lady skipper in boat handling competition

Ellesay trophy: Best twin engine boat in boat handling competition

Pure Genius trophy: Best first time entry in boat handling competition

Junior trophy: Best junior in boat handling

The tests will be published over the next few weeks with a full description of what the judges will be looking for and marking and a list will be posted in the clubhouse at the same time for you to add your boat name. There are some very experienced boat handlers in the club who will be happy to demonstrate the tests if you wish.

Let’s have as many boats taking part as possible.

Best wishes



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