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Valentines Night - By Trevor Williams

Flickr - TWYC Valentines Dinner

Well I didn’t know Valentine’s Day goes back in History to the 5th Century. To pay homage to such an historic event, I dressed up as best I could and was amazed that it seems that the ladies of TWQYC appreciate enormously the effort of their men to scrub up to please them. Hey fellows! there could be a bonus for the effort of putting on a bow tie.

We were greeted by the Commodore and his Lady (Vince and Linda) at the clubhouse and Vee, as did all the ladies, received a red rose to start this romantic evening. Buying our liquid refreshment and finding our allotted table was next followed by a chance to meet and greet old and new friends.

Lorraine had done a colourful Valentine’s theme for decoration of the tables. Red hearts everywhere. So we sat down to the evening meal. It was outstandingly delicious, (I like pork) thanks to Pat and Andy assisted by Charles and Anne Quartly and we were even waited on at the tables. I bet Terry Knibbs wouldn’t have volunteered to be our Vice Commodore if he’d known that it was a case of working his passage. There were also many other helpers that made us feel so cosseted. The whole evening, food, music and ambience was something else and definitely “the Club to be in”.

After the four course meal and coffee we shook the crease out of trousers and joined in the dancing to Kerry George. She managed to cater very much for our taste in music to dance to. Just before the break for the raffle, she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables beautifully and the club gave her a standing ovation. Evidently she has appeared in quite a few West End shows.

Our table was lucky enough to win a couple of raffle prizes and then it was on with the dance until midnight.

Trevor Williams

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