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Social Planning Meeting - 1st January 2015

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Dear all

Following on from Vince's email in which he mentions the social function planning meeting on 1 Jan. at noon in the clubhouse, I thought I'd give you a bit more detail of what we will be doing. The key purpose is to sort out who will be doing what for each of our social functions during the year. For each function we need volunteers to be the principal chefs, to support those chefs, to do food shopping and to buy and set out the cheese boards.

We have been treated to fantastic meals this year and that only happens because members are willing to help out - a relatively small group of members have done the major share of cooking this year and it would be great if we can expand the number of people willing to get involved so we can spread the work. It is hard work but it is also great fun.

We need two principal chefs for each function - they decide the menu they wish to cook (subject to agreement with the Commodore) - then we need 2 or 3 other helpers to support them plus help with shopping for the food (usually on the Friday before each function).

The principal chefs for our first two functions are sorted out (organising those on 1 Jan. is leaving it too late) but we do need to sort out more support for those and all our other events.

Our events next year are as follows:

Sat. 24 Jan. - London Pub Night - Chefs: Lorraine & Mel supported by Maggie B.

Sat. 14 Feb - Valentine's Night - Chefs: Pat & Andy - but we need to organise support for them (2 or 3 people) plus shopping and the cheese.

We need volunteers for all our other functions:

Sat. 28 Feb. - Inter-Club Quiz (this could be a hot buffet meal cooked in the galley).

Sat. 14 March - Fitting Out - a 3 course meal.

Sat 28 March - Race Night (this could be fish & chips (bought in) but we need a volunteer to organise that with our trusted chippie!).

Sat. 18 April - Theme Night - a 3 course meal.

Sat. 9 May - Ladies Night - a 3 course meal.

Sat. 6 June - Family Fun Day - need volunteers to make and/or sell cakes, scones, make tea, etc.

Sat. 4 July - Summer Party - this will be a hog roast (bought in) but we need to prepare a selection of salads and other buffet food to go with it.

Sat. 5 Sept. - Commodore's Party - this will also be a buffet but prepared fully in the galley.

Sun.. 6 Sept. Sailpast - cheese and wine.

Sat. 26 Sept. - Illuminated Cruise - this will be fish & chips bought in but that needs someone to take the orders in advance and organise with the fish & chip shop who deliver it to the club

Sat. 17 Oct. - Laying-Up Supper - a 3 course meal.

Sat. 7 Nov. - Port & Stilton - a 2 course meal.

Sat. 12 Dec. Christmas Party - a 3 course Christmas Dinner.

31 Dec. - New Year's Eve Party - a buffet meal.

PLEASE consider how and when you can help and PLEASE also think about being one of our principal chefs for a specific function to help share the workload during the year. It sounds daunting but you will have lots of support - and we have a great galley to cook in so our chefs always say they have a lot of fun.

Please come along to the clubhouse on Thursday 1 Jan. at 12 noon to see how you can help during the year. If you cannot come but can offer to help, please let me know in advance of the meeting - or ring me on 07989 152459.

I look forward to seeing you - and, in the meantime, Lorraine & I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Kind regards


Vice Commodore


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